Il segreto della felicità è la libertà​ e il segreto della libertà è il coraggio.

Maija Ylä-Sahra

   Working as a cartographer and travel agent did not satisfy Maija's thirst for creativity. She started art education in Helsinki in 2000. 

   First Maija did basic art studies at Alfa Art Institute under the instruction of painter Tuula Lukkarinen in 2000-2002. Later on, she studied at Art School Maa under the instruction of visual artist Stig Baumgarten in 2002-2003. Also, in 2003 Maija studied oil painting in an artist group founded by painter Marja Mali

   During maternity leave and while living in Italy, in 1989-91, Maija started familiarising herself with drawing, pastel colours and acrylic paints in an artist group in Lucca, Tuscany, painter Gabry Angeli as the teacher. 

Luciano Lepri

Art Curator and Critic


creating an ambiance of authentic and deep poetry

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